“We don’t have new theories of leadership – there are enough theories in the world. What we have is the process that helps leaders see new perspectives… especially of themselves.”

“Ajarn Ae” – Isra Smitabindu


What’s Make Inspira

Inspira special is that we mix and blend a variety of approaches… to create a special environment that our participants can learn by themselves,

see themselves, and trust in their own ability to solve problems.

We call it INSPIRA’s Action Learning, which is

INSPIRA’s Action Learning

1. Learning for doing.

The learning process starts with a clear focus – What challenges do you want to overcome? What problems do you want to solve?  What is this learning for?

2. Learning from doing.

We simulate many experiences in our classes.  After the participants take action, they step back and reflect, then reach conclusion or clarity.

Humans learn best from our own experience in that matter. Even when we heard the same lesson many times,

It will only land and remain with us when we experience and make that conclusion ourselves. In the Inspira Way,

we focus on building the strong core within helping people connect back to and trust in themselves and their own ability to solve problems, and so they want to constant improve themselves.